Thursday, April 7, 2011

stick around

I've realized I tend to mention the weather in...a lot of my posts, so I'll keep this to a minimum but today was kind of gorgeous! I hope the sunshine sticks around...forever really; it'll make even studying for finals much more enjoyable! (and that's quite the accomplishment!)

In other news- last day of classes= awesome! I used to get nostalgic around days like these, but no time for that since exams start in 5 days...

Lastly, some of you may notice the tag is still sticking on this hat, and that's because:
1. it's new (go figure) and this was going to be the first time I wore it out buuut...
2. I didn't actually end up wearing it because it would have flown off my head a thousand times. Any suggestions on how to keep it secure (I was thinking bobby pins, maybe)?

top-?? (got it from my mom and she cuts the tags off of everything)
pants-forever 21
belt-Nine West
necklace-vintage (via Freelton antique market)
shoes- Gido


  1. I do the samething with weather in my blog. I've often thought about naming it Love at first shoe...and then the weather (kidding). It's hard to not talk about it when it's changing so dramatically right now! AND we are so excited when one second of sunshine pokes through.

    Love the hat! I just purchased one from Target a few weeks ago. Looking forward to wearing it.

  2. You totally rock that hat! It adds a nice touch to this outfit, such a carefree summer vibe :)

  3. I love that color on you! You look so great in red and I love the gold necklace with it!

    And don't worry about talking about the weather too much girl. I talk about the weather in almost EVERY post. Ha.

    And I'm super jealous that you're almost done with school!! I have 5 more weeks left. Blahhh. Ha.

  4. I was gonna suggest a staple gun to keep that hat atop your head, but maybe that isn't the best solution. I knew someone that attached it to a headband to keep it on, but, again, that seems silly. Not sure, I don't wear many hats.

    In other news, that shirt color is quite nice. You're rockin' the casual chic look.

  5. I really like this outfit! Very nice!



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