Friday, May 6, 2011

the dark side

Most people who know me in 'real' life know I'm a devoted Star Wars fan. That's not to say that I go to Star Wars conventions, or that I've read all the Star Wars books; just have had a long infatuation with the saga ;)) I first saw episode 4 when I was about 7 and honestly believed the force existed and everything.
Why am I mentioning this, you may wonder? Obviously so that you can feel you know me a little better, and because I take pride in my love for Star Wars; but also because International Star Wars day just passed and this weekend there will be dozens of celebratory gatherings to mark the occasion. Will I be going to one?

top-?? via Winners
jeans- Forever 21
boots-Steve Madden
bracelet-Forever 21

Of course :)

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