Saturday, May 7, 2011

hat day

I know this will sound ridiculously obvious to some, but I only recently realizes that hats are sort of an awesome way to cover up a bad/unwashed hair (day). That being said, don't go assuming that I haven't washed my hair every time you see me wearing this hat (that really wouldn't be a too far fetched guess, but still).

In other news, my legs are insanely pale...and the way the weather's been looking lately, it doesn't seem they'll be changing anytime soon, so you might as well get used to the whiteness. Also, I'm kind of on a sun-screen-all-the-time frenzy, so chances are this is just how my skin's gonna look from now on. Recently found out that for an adult, having had only 2 sunburns makes you conducive to developing skin cancer; a fact that clearly shook me to my very core! (only 2 sunburns?!?! i think i've probably had a dozen...)

blazer-Forever 21
shoes-Nine West


  1. This outfit is super cute, especially love that hat! Bummer about the risk of getting skin cancer.. I'm super pale and have gotten burned like hundreds of times!

    Xo Kristin

  2. Not to thrilled by that sunburn fact, either. I will definitely be more diligent with my sunblock! And I love that hat and skirt!

  3. you first reading your made me feel happy to be out of the Toronto weather. And then I finished the post and looked down at my ridiculously sunburned arm and was not as content :(

  4. Everything about this outfit is fabulous! You look great!!

    LOVE having cute hats to cover up bad hair. The whole washing and blow drying thing can be so time consuming!



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