Friday, May 13, 2011

peacock colors

Somethings you see at the thrift store and simply can't believe someone gave up...until you bring them home and wash them and they stain your hands blue!
True story.
Strolling down the racks of skirts, I spotted this mid-length silk skirt (worn here as a dress) and although it was a few sizes too big, I took it home. As with all of the silk things I own, I hand washed it, and I kid you not, my hands were blue for the next 24 hours! I even let it sit in water and used the dye to dye 2 tops!

Just goes to show you that you should always be extra careful with what you bring home...and wash colors separately!

blazer-Forever 21
skirt (dress)-thrifted (pretty sure handmade since there was no label)
earring- H&M


  1. I love this "dress"! It is so beautiful! You'll have to post the shirts that you dyed!

  2. so pretty!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  3. good story! Good advise!

  4. YOU LOOK LOVELY!! I love that color. Crazy that the color bled on you so bad!

  5. ah, i dig it. love the color and the belt!! hope your hands are a little less blue now... :)
    <3 kim
    floral printed heart

  6. woooah the blue hands were worth it that dress/skirt looks great like that!!



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