Monday, May 2, 2011

white out- Bloggers Do It Better

I've recently come across the awesome blog Pretty Shiny Sparkly, just in time to join in Kristina's Bloggers Do It Better movement! I love a good challenge, especially when it can help me work with what I already own, and mix things up a little. In case you're interested in joining, or just to browse all of the awesome participating bloggers, click here!

Since I just recently spring-y-fied my closet, this challenge couldn't come at a better time. Perfect opportunity to test all of my white items that had been boxed up for quite a while now. I followed the tips Kristina suggested about wearing all white (or mostly white) and I think I'm pretty happy with the results, but I'd love to hear your input!

jeans- Buffalo
sandals-Nine West
ring- H&M


  1. I love this outfit its so chic!


  2. Love that you jumped in on the movement!
    Cute Cute!

  3. Girl I love it! And not just because I featured the exact same ring in my white post as well (seriously, can you believe how awesome & cheap it was!?) That blazer is fab.u.lous!!
    Happy to 'meet' you through the linkup!

  4. That blazer is adorable, I need it!!

  5. Thanks everyone!:)
    Asleigh--yes, that ring was a sweet deal! could not pass it up!

    Bows and Sequins--thanks! it's from a while back, but i've seen similar ones around now (what comes around, right?!)

  6. You look fab!! Love those skinnies!

  7. Such a chic outfit!! I love the white on white with the jacket! You look like you came right off the runway!
    And I'm super jealous that you're done with finals already. Gah. Mine don't start til Monday.
    But I'm super excited about Paris!! I'll be there for 8 weeks and I'll be taking one literature class and working at an internship. I'm really looking forward to it.

  8. Um, love this! That belt is perfect. I'm definitely going to try to do the next one, now! :)

  9. Love the jeans, the belt and that ring--I have to get to H&M!

  10. I just came across the BDIB challenge as well. I zoned in on your entry because your cropped photo of the jacket and ring was just too fabulous! I scrolled thru your blog and am your newest fan your stylish thing you!!!

  11. I think you nailed. Gray can never be wrong can it?

    Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there!
    The Chief Blonde

  12. Someone else who added gold to their white out look!! i love that!! I did it too! :)

    I like your statement ring and blazer as well! Isn't it so fun to pull all your spring/summer stuff out?? I did it recently and was stoked to see all the clothes I've been missing for months and months! :)


  13. Had to stop by and tell you that I loved seeing seersucker in the white out interpretation. Lovely!!

    Make sure you link back to the challenge (it's a requirement)!! :) xoxo Kristina (aka PSS)



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