Monday, May 2, 2011

sparkles & lace

Could you tell how much I love tights? I was one happy camper when leggings made a return, as I fondly remember wearing them as a kid and feeling so, so comfy! They're also perfect for indecisive weather, such as what we've been having lately, since they're usually lighter than jeans, but still likely to keep you cozy (if it suddenly decides to be 4 degrees out...)

The dress/tunic I got at a sample sale and it makes me feel kinda romantic (puffy sleeves, silky fabric, lace...that would do it). I would have substituted the flats for my sparkly ones, but thought that might be overkill; you be the judge!

dress/tunic- John Adams (sample sale)
tights-?? via Winners
tights- Old Navy
bangles- Forever 21, Smart Set



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