Sunday, May 1, 2011


As I pondered over the title of this post the only word that I could think of was 'tribal', hence 'tribal-ness' (had to add the 'ness' because making up words is fun!:)). I love tribal inspired pieces; anything from jewelry, to clothing, to home decor. Luckily for me, the tribal trend seems to stick around summer after summer!
There's just something unique about the intrecate detailing in most tribal artifacts, which are usually the inspiration behind the mainstream 'tribal' things available to purchase. It's not surprising then that when I saw this necklace at Forever 21, I was instantly in love :)

tights-?? via Winners
boots- Franco Sarto
necklace and ring-Forever 21

Any 'trends' you've loved for a while?


  1. Super cute outfit!! xo

  2. adorable! i love the tribal look right now.

  3. That pattern is pretty great, I'll admit. Plus I'm a sucker for black/grey (like you saw on my last outfit, haha). That necklace is pretty grand. And might I add you look thrilled to be done with classes. Or maybe I'm projecting my jealousy onto you and that's what I want to see. Who knows?

  4. The pattern of that dress is lovely.. it fits with the necklace so well. The tribal theme is very cool.



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