Saturday, April 30, 2011


Not really sure why I look so awkward in all of these :( I'm definitely not the most photogenic person to begin with, but when I loaded these pictures for the post 'awkward' was the only thing that came to mind. That, and 'shiny', cuz of my super-duper necklace :) it's one of those pieces I wish I wore more, but it tends to tangle my hair.

tight-?? via Winners
shoes- DiKa
necklace-Forever 21

Btw, did anyone watch the Royal Wedding? I didn't since waking up at 4 am was just never gonna happen...and then I had other shows to catch up on, so I just browsed the web for some photos of the happy couple (the check out her dress mainly, lol). And of course I stumbled upon the one with the little flower girl frowning and closing her ears==absolutely adorable!!! Check it out (if you haven't already; it's sort of gone viral!)


  1. Well i think you are just gorgeous no matter how awkward you might look..hehe! The most!

  2. Cuuuuuuute dress! I don't think these are too awkward. The first one looks like you are deep in intellectual realms. :)



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