Friday, April 29, 2011

rain or shine

The weather lately just can't make up its mind; it could be absolutely stunning out, 17 degrees and sunny, when you look out the window, and by the time you get dressed, it's pouring rain...again. That's happened quite a lot over the last little while, but I suppose that's what April's like. I can't complain, so long as there's no wind chill and snow, I'm a happy camper ;)

In other news (or just random tidbits of my life) I've finished all of my exams, and cannot describe the feeling of relief that's come over me in the last 24 hours! That being said, I feel like all the studying and being buried in books and notes for weeks has sucked me dry of inspiration, so with this little outfit I pretty much just threw each piece on and took a chance. I had to flaunt the newest addition to my silk scarves collection, of course ;)

top-?? via Winners
jeans- Forever 21
flats- payless
scarf- thrifted

p.s.- my apologies for being absent from the blog-sphere for a little while! Won't happen again....probably!

1 comment:

  1. No need to apologize. Real life (sadly) comes before fun times. I'm glad you made it through your exams! I'm heading into a week of midterms and not looking forward to it.

    I adore that blazer. I never knew I wanted a white blazer, but it turns out that I do. You look adorable. (: Also, the weather has been the exact same here. It went from sunny, warm and great to HAILING in less than a minute. Ridiculous.



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