Saturday, June 4, 2011

attention to detail

Yesterday my grandma and I passed by a cute lil old lady, whose sweater (yep, a sweater in what I'm pretty sure was 30 degrees weather...) I currently can't get out of my mind! It was clearly hand made, light blue and had the coolest neckline I've ever seen. Of course, I gasped a little as she passed by us, and my grandma laughed at me... she said she's always amazed at the stuff I like on 'old people' considering my age and what most of my peers tend to like (sometimes I think she thinks everyone in their 20's dresses in tight, ill-fitting, neon bright clothing...)

I suppose she's rightfully surprised, but I'm sure you all can understand what attracts me to 'old people's clothing' (as she calls it). Handmade garments are usually of the finest quality, will last you a lifetime probably, and are pretty much one of a kind. Also, the attention to detail in uncanny.

Although this top isn't one of a kind, I couldn't pass it up because of the beautiful crochet detailing at the front. Reminded me of the kinds of tops my grandmothers used to wear, made by their moms or grandmothers, and what's not to like about that?!

bermuda shorts- Suzy Shier
flats-Old Navy (tired of them yet?...cuz I'm not ;))


  1. that top is gorgeous! even if it isn't vintage or handmade it definitely has the look of being carefully detailed!

    dash dot dotty

  2. I have been told many times that my aesthetic is old lady chic, haha. I know exactly what you mean, though. Some of the best things are "for old people."

  3. Your blouse is beautiful! I love unique details, which are hard to find in most mass produced clothing now!



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