Monday, June 6, 2011

when it's good

I love, LOVE this little purse! I also, LOVE finding things at the thrift store without tags, because that means I can usually 'negotiate' the price :) This purse caught my eye with its unique texture and fun color. Although I like yellow, it's one of the more difficult colors for me to wear, so I usually stick to yellow accessories; play on the safe side from time to time. In any case, I can easily say that those were the best 99 cents (trust me that's cheap in Canadian thrift stores!) I've spent!

top-American Eagle via Winners
sandals-Forever 21
necklace-Forever 21

p.s.- you're welcome for the 'boob shot' btw...that's what happens when your bf takes your outfit pictures ;))


  1. Haha, you crack me up. At least the intended accessory ended up in the shot, too. (: That is a little gem of a purse, by the way. Good job. I like the primary color motif you've got going on.

  2. awesome bag! and I love your pattern mixing here. I think it is VERY successful.

  3. The purse shot is great, but the "boob shot" as you call it, is better! :PPP

  4. Cute necklace AND purse!! Finding vintage stuff is ALWAYS fun - I'm just horrible at it and need to be a little more patient! Looks like it works for you!

    A Candid Life



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