Saturday, June 18, 2011


The awesome/funny/sometimes surreal thing about my family and the way we moved to Canada is that we really never cut any ties with our 'motherland' so I always feel as though I have at least 2 homes; an ocean apart. Now that I'm back from my trip to Holland and Bulgaria I'm happy to be home in Canada; just as I felt at home back in Bulgaria. I'm so very grateful for all the chances I get to travel, even though it definitely took a toll on this little blog of mine. I want to thank everyone who's been stopping by and leaving awesome comments that make my day! You guys rock, and now that I'm back to having regular internet access I'm so excited to be checking out all of your lovely blogs and commenting just as I used to!

I also plan a few new things to the blog; as well as to finally add new items to my Etsy shop; so, feel free to stick around :)

top-vintage via my momma
sandals-Nine West


  1. It's awesome that you can feel equally at home in both places, though, even though they are significantly separated. Anyway, the green of your top is awesome and you seriously have the best skirt collection I have ever seen on a lady.



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