Tuesday, July 19, 2011

awkward but flattering

Last week, while walking around town with one of my besties, a really polite girl asked me if she could snap a picture of my outfit for her blog! I'm not gonna lie, it was super flattering; but at the same time, I felt a little awkward because there were a ton of people trying to walk around us/past us, looking at us and probably wondering why she was taking my picture. It's crazy that not EVERYONE knows about style blogs and street style photography these days, right?! ;)) Click here, in case you want to check it out ;)

here's a little detail shot of the top and the necklace I wore it with (a match made in heaven?...I think so!;)

This couldn't have happened on a better day too, since my lovely photographer/lover was busy and couldn't snap an outfit picture, and I REALLY wanted to show off this recently thrifted vintage top! When my friend and I first spotted it, we both starting making fun of its shoulder pads, BUT after further examination I saw some potential. I love the pattern and the colours, and hey, shoulder pads are usually easily removable! So, this goes to show you: careful what you laugh at in the thrift store, cuz you just might take it home!


  1. That is so awesome! I would love for someone to admire my style enough to want to take my picture. Congrats. Love this combo too!

    xo L.

  2. That's great! I love that top and necklace combo!

  3. You're famous!! hahaha well of course she wanted to take a picture..your outfit is great!



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