Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fun in the park

top-American Eagle; tank- H&M; skirt-Smart Set; wedges-Payless; clutch-H&M; bracelet-vintage

If you're wondering why someone would wear wedges and a clutch to a park, with the intention of swinging, sliding, and taking advantage of all that the playground has to offer, you clearly didn't know me as a kid! Granted, I didn't wear wedges when I was 5, but I sure would've if I could find ones that fit; and as far as the purse is concerned, I'm notorious in our family for rarely leaving the house without a purse of some sort (which usually served the purpose of carrying random rocks/things I find interesting, and always an extra pair of undies; just in case!)

What I had miscalculated this time around was the sand...apparently kids are not to be trusted around grass nowadays. This last pic is of me cleaning my shoes from all the sand that inevitably got in them & a pic my lover took to compare our feet. A bit random, but I couldn't resist posting this to show you his GIANT toes!:) you're welcome


  1. I love the matching red clutch and shoes!

    xo L.

  2. Cute! I love that you have the plaid shirt tucked into a black skirt!



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