Friday, July 29, 2011

by accident

top-thrifted; skirt-thrifted; belt-vintage; necklace-vintage; shoes-thrifted

Every time I put on this skirt a whiff of wind pops out of nowhere and you get to witness facial expressions like the ones on the last photo... And, you'd think, that a skirt that long wouldn't reveal my undies to the world anytime some wind blew, but's as light as air, so it pretty much flies wherever (kind of glad we took these photo's on the balcony, as opposed to outside, because my awkwardness may scare some people ;))

p.s.- I did NOT mean for this outfit to be an entirely thrifted/vintage one, but hey, when it happened, I just rolled with it. ;)


  1. a very marilyn monroe moment! FUN! it's always difficult to walk around in a skirt with the wind wanting to always show people a peak of the unknown! Haha!

  2. Even if your undies may show when the wind picks up it's worth it. That skirt is killer. It reminds me of Dirty Dancing. I hope you twirled in t a few times.

  3. Lovely skirt! You can only find beauties like that if you thrift. There is no way you are going to get that at H&M or Forever 21:)



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