Monday, August 1, 2011


top-?? via Winners; skirt-H&M; sandals-Pat Calvin; bracelet-Smart Set; clutch-Viola via Mirella's

This skirt is quickly turning out to be the best 12 bucks I've spent in a while. It's super light, easy to wear and HAS POCKETS=awesome! I remember when my only requirement of clothing was that there be pockets so I could stuff them with all kinds of random rocks and stuff I found outside, which I treated like treasures ;) ahh the good old days! Nowadays, my pockets are filled with a few bobby pins for 'just in case'...and the occasional piece of lint.


  1. Hooray for pockets in skirts!! :D

  2. I will pretty much buy ANYTHING with pockets! That skirt looks so comfy and cute.

  3. Maybe you need to start picking up stray rocks again, haha. That skirt looks like it has almost limitless possibilities, though.



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