Thursday, August 18, 2011

little treasures

necklaces-vintage via grandmothers and antique store; jewelry case-gift; scarf-vintage

Here's some pretty little treasures that I often like to look at (and wear) but feel I haven't shared with you yet :) A couple of these are passed down to me from my dear grandmas, and hold incredibly sweet memories of me hiding in their bedrooms and going through all of their beautiful jewelry and piling as much of it on as I possibly could...till one of them would come in and catch me in the act! I distinctly remember them telling me that 'one day this will be yours, you're just not old enough right now' and me thinking that day seemed sooo far away...

p.s.- going camping for the weekend; very excited :)
Happy Weekend (what's so wrong with kicking it off on a Thursday anyways? ;))

1 comment:

  1. First, have a killer camping trip.

    Second, some of the most amazing jewelry I have is either from my own grandmothers or purchased from estate sales of people who don't appreciate what their grandmothers had.



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