Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pink plaid and new rules

shirt-thrifted; skirt-Smart Set; flats-Payless; purse-vintage; bracelets-selfmade; watch-gifted; ring-XXI

Growing up I went through several 'style stages' (if you can call them that when you're 5 or 8 years old): I was into frills, pinks, and anything flower-y until about age 8, when I entered my 'tomboy' period where I pretty much lived in t-shirts and leggings (super classy, I know). I probably didn't wear or own anything pink for the next 6 years; then that awkward high school age kicked in where I had all sorts of rules as to what I swore I'd never wear (and yet I fashioned myself some random accessories that seemed very cool, such as a paper belt made out of comic strips....yeah...i've shared too much now!) most of which I've broken a million times since then.

The moral of this little story: if my 8 year old self saw me in this outfit, she wouldn't believe her eyes ;)...and that's probably a good thing.

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