Sunday, August 14, 2011

pretty things

rings-XXI, vintage, and gifted; bracelets-self made using this tutorial; clutch-Calvin Klein; scarf-vintage

Sometimes when I spend pretty much the whole day in my comfy/but not really stylish 'lounge-wear' I like to put together things that look pretty; as sort of a way to get dressed up without actually doing it. It's a sham, really. ;)

Lately I've been kind of intrigued by the whole mixing metals trend. I'll admit, I'm very much new to the idea, and I generally admire people who can wear all sorts of metallics and look like it's no big deal. I know I'm suppose to think of metallics as neutrals, and neutrals can be mixed all kinds of ways, but I guess this is just taking me a little longer to get used to. So, on a quite Sunday afternoon, I stepped outside my comfort zone (a big achievement for a Sunday afternoon...considering it's usually when I take a leisurely nap) and mixed a bunch of my favorite metals with a few other accessories that seemingly fit the theme of 'pretty things' ;)



  1. I didn't even consider metals that were not silver, slate, or black for a LONG time so mixing is still out of my comfort zone, haha.

  2. lovely! I mix metals when I feel like it and don't think twice anymore.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Vintage ROAD TRIP giveaway

  3. Loving the pretty inspiring photos! I have slowly gotten out of my comfort zone and mixed metals and now I love it.



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