Thursday, August 11, 2011

Style File: Leather Skirts

As wierd as this sounds coming from me (the ultimate lover of all things summer) lately I've caught myself getting a little excited about certain fall trends. Don't get me wrong, I plan on wearing summer outfits for as long as I can feel my toes (because they're pretty much frozen between mid October and late April...every year) but any new purchase I make these days is carefully thought over in my head, matched to at least 5 potential outfits and at least 2 of those are Fall friendly.

Take for example my most recent, and one of my most proud thrift purchases-2 skirts-1 leather, 1 suede...1 purple, 1 tan-cognac; both nicely worn in and yet in tip-top shape! And both for under $30. When I saw them, I couldn't help but think "alright, I won't wear these for at least another month because it'd be too hot... but leather and suede have made numerous appearance on the fall runways/magazine pages/blogs I love...therefor they're both justified purchases :)" (yes, I do think in emoticons) Little did I know that when I was unable to take outfit pictures, these two lovely skirts would inspire me to do a Style File post, dedicated to a Fall/Winter trend I definitely look forward to!

Any favorites?
What Fall trends are you looking forward to?

1 comment:

  1. Yes I have started already looking at fall trends. I am on a tight spending budget but I managed to get myself a long tan skirt. I can't wait to start wearing boots again! I saw a couple leather skirts...but I am not sure if it is my style



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