Tuesday, August 30, 2011


dress-H&M; belt-thrifted; sandals-Graceland; purse-vintage via my mom ;); earrings-vintage (thrifted)

Sometimes words don't come easy...today's a great example of that. Maybe it because I'm not really sure if there's anything spectacular about this outfit to talk about; it's just something I threw on and ran out to do errands; comfy, light, and very prone to 'Marilyn Monroe over an air shaft' moments (which I had forgotten about till I walked right over a subway shaft...yeah.)

So, due to the lack of commentary about this outfit, I figured I'd ask you guys a question! Or more like a favor; I (like most people) love music and I'm always excited to hear something new (or could be old, but still awesome). I'd love for some suggestions in the comments below! ( as far as taste goes, I'm pretty much open to anything!)


  1. You look cute, so I think your outfit works just fine, even if there's nothing flashy. As for music, my current obsessions are: Spoon, Balkan Beat Box, MCR, and Plan B (which is in Spanish). I'll ponder more suggestions soon.

  2. Love the dress. I could go on and on about music. A band I've been listening to a lot is Colour Revolt. I saw them at a small concert venue a few months ago and fell in love.

  3. This outfit is simple. But I love it. Your shoes are incredibly cute and I love that brown belt!

    Also, sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you AGAIN! My summer has been crazy. Like crazy crazy. Ha. But I'm back for good now :)



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