Monday, September 12, 2011

it was the best of times...

pics:  courtesy of my bf (D)

This past week was frosh week at my university, and I couldn't help but feel obliged to share a few photos of our gorgeous campus! Ahh, all week the fresh new faces were filling up the squares, fields, quads and pubs, and the anticipation for all that's to come was almost infectious. There's nothing quite like the beginning of a new school year (at any level of education) to make you realize the awesome times that have passed while keeping you oh so hopeful for the future!

p.s.- I hope to start up a sort of series where I'll proudly show off the city I've lived for a little over a year now; a city definitely worth sharing ;) It'd be a way for me to take my camera out more and soak in all that this city has to offer! I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Wow so beautiful! I love college...I miss it so much! :*(

  2. Wow, that makes my campus seem a little less awesome, I have to admit it. Though being in the heart of the city has its perks. (: I start in two weeks!

  3. Your school's architecture looks a lot like my school's. Ha. It's so pretty though! And good luck with the start of school! I'm finally having a full week of school and it's been crazyyy. Ha. It feels good to be back though!



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