Saturday, September 10, 2011

DIY lace trim shorts

Although we all know that now is the best time of the year to stock up on summer staples currently up to 70% off, we seldom actually do it. I suppose it's because the browning leafs and fall merchandise displayed everywhere make it a bit hard to think practically, and we naturally gravitate towards the fall garments we're all eager to wear. (although to be perfectly honest with you, Indian summer is my favorite part of fall ;))

In any case, I'm not one to resist a darn good sale, so naturally I snatched these shorts (and an identical pair in hot pink) for all of $6.94! (our local thrift store can hardly compete with these prices!) I knew instantly the ivory pair were going to need a little something-something because: a. I felt like getting my DIY on; and b. I have another ivory pair that's quite similar already!
Since it's already apparent that the 'lace trend' isn't going anywhere anytime soon, I figured adding a bit of lace couldn't hurt :) The whole project took a little over an hour (I timed it roughly by watching 3 episodes of Sex and the City) and cost...$6.94 (since I got the lace trim from my awesome grandma!)

And here's how I wore them shortly after completion :)

 top & necklace-H&M; shorts-Joe Fresh and DIYed; sandals-Bronx


  1. I like the idea lots and they turned out wonderful. I want to see this other color you snagged, too. (:

  2. Nice job on the shorts!!! I love it. This whole outfit is fab!

  3. love the added lace!! so cute!




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