Thursday, September 12, 2013

on tees that (seem to) have a lot to say

tee: Ambig (men's section); metallic blucher: Zara (current collection)

With the rising popularity of graphic tees comes, somewhat naturally, the rise in posts and opinions about the trend. These two posts sort of stuck with me (here & here) and kept me thinking about whether it really matters what your T-shirt says or whether we've reached a point when no one's actually reading them anymore (totally possible given the trend's popularity & certain social norms which make one a creep if appearing to stare at a person's torso).
Then I saw this tee. Brand I've never heard of, but made of good-oll-fashioned 100% cotton and what appears to be a fairly well transferred print. Its giant A immediately appealed to me (for reasons I can't fully explain) AND it has an anchor was a total win (me being a complete sucker for anything/most things nautical)!

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