Saturday, April 23, 2011


In the spirit of full disclosure (or just because I like to give credit where it's due) this outfit was very much inspired by all the lovely ladies who participated in this month's Everybody, Everywear and showed off their wonderfully styled maxi dresses (and skirts)!
I snatched this jersey maxi dress last summer at Forever 21 but haven't worn it nearly as much as I had planned. As fall come around I kind of lost interest in it and packed it away. After seeing several really gorgeously styled maxi dresses (check out Everybody, Everywear if you haven't already-it's pretty spectacular) over the past couple of weeks, I was inpsired to give this summer dress an early-spring twist.

crochet top-?? via Winners

So, how did I do?


  1. The color of that skirt is so rich! I love it. Your styling adds a very Anjela-y touch to it, too I really like it. Wasn't it fun to check out all the ideas on EBEW? I am still having fun browsing.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! I absolutely LOVE this look!! I'm currently obsessed with the maxi dress and skirt trend and you wear it so well!

  3. you have such a nice taste! i like your outfits a lot!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. Thanks everyone! You've made my day :)
    Also, it's finally sunny out now, so that helps too!



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