Friday, April 22, 2011

wrapped up

Wearing this bow always makes me feel as girly as I did when I was 4 and had a box full of ones quite similar. It also makes me feel a little like...a present; I suppose it's just the association I make when I see bows. Coincidentally, when my bf first saw it, he actually said "you look like a gift!" so naturally since then I've embraced the gift-like resemblance and rolled with it.

belt-came with skirt (deal!)
tights-Anne Klein
flats-Joe Fresh


  1. I almost bought that top! You make me want to go back for it now! You look adorable. Love all of the color combos.

  2. You are so bright and cheery today! :)

  3. that top is very pretty!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. I love to put crazy things in my hair! It's so much fun. Multiple guys (including my boyfriend) have told me that they like it when girls "look like girls" - and then explained that bows/flowers/clips in hair are in that category, haha! Boys.

    Thanks so much for tagging me in that activity! I will definitely do it - though it may take me a while :)

  5. This silhouette is killer on you. I'm loving the red skirt (I have a thing for red) but the shirt brings in all the loveliness of spring! (:

    I was told that when I had a bow in my hair I looked like a little kid. I like the present idea much more than little kid. Haha.



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