Sunday, October 30, 2011


image from via Pinterest
i would've showed you what our packing looks like, but this is a much prettier picture. trust me.

So long apartment 805. You were a great home and we'll always remember you fondly.

I used to be someone who had deep emotional connections with places, especially homes I've lived in (I like to think I'm over that now, but realistically we can all see that I still refer to a home as a living thing and dedicate a post to it...but let's pretend that I've grown a bit wiser over the years, shall we??). That probably had something to do with the fact I moved once as a child, and that was all the way across the ocean, so I didn't really have much training when it come to moving. That's changed now, and my nostalgia has too (almost). 
Now I realize, that a home is something you make; it's not a place, it's more of a feeling. And who doesn't like the idea of seeing a clean empty space and filling it with love, laughter and memories that'll last long after the lease expires ;)

p.s.- exciting new thrift treasures coming your way...real soon!:)


  1. Good luck moving! Where are you off to adventure, now?

  2. Super lovely blog!




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