Monday, October 17, 2011


since this blog is a place for me to focus on only the good stuff, I'll spare you the ridiculous amounts of readings and assignments and papers and moving excuses that account for my absence and just share a few things that have pre-occupied my mind lately:

1.'s crazy how much I want one, and this little guy made my eyes water today; that's about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

2. MOVING plans!!! As the summer came to an end my current roommate/lover/bf (yes he is all those things) and my life partner/best friend decided it was time to move in together! (basically she was kind of homeless, we love our building, and there was an opening=things falling into place!) It's going to be crazy at times, since we're all pretty different, but we love each other to pieces so hopefully that'll prevail ;)) will keep you posted! ;)

3. decorating and organizing for our new home! it's been pretty much constant emailing and texting lately all about what we should put where...every conversation ends there, every '5min study break which turns into 30' leads there... it's pretty much inevitable. Super excited to show you what we come up with!!!

4. cookies and milk=best combo ever... which I had forgotten about all summer! (crazy, right?!)

5. my fam-jam. I haven't shared too too much about them but they're an awesome bunch. We drive each other crazy, love one another to pieces and make a lot of noise...usually followed by loud laughter. I pride my self in trying to take mental pictures of all the times we spend together, because I learned a long time ago just how precious those moments are.

that about wraps it up! i apologize for the lack of pics, but this weekend I didn't quite make it out of my pj's and sweats (my 'writing papers' uniform) so nothing too spectacular to show ya.... at least not until I get some super snazzy jammies ;)

what have you been up to? (clearly I set the bar pretty high with this comprehensive list here, but don't be shy ;))


  1. I used to have chocolate chip cookies with milk every night for like months straight...<3 it

  2. sounds like your move went well!! unpacking is probably the one thing i hate about moving. i'm sure i still have a few things tucked away in my suitcases that i've forgotten to unpack. :P



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